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Problems with using text based ftp from behind a proxy server on RedHat ES 4

Hi everyone,
I am trying to use ftp to connect to the Mcafee website from one of my linux servers. As it is behind the proxy I have to set the ftp_proxy variable for text based ftp to work. 
In accordance with RedHat instructions from knowledge base article 4690 I am creating the variable as follows:

export ftp_proxy=http://proxy_server:xxxx/

where proxy_server is the name of our proxy server and xxxx is the port number.

Unfortunately it does not seem to work. I have also tried a number of variations of the above command such as,

export ftp_proxy=proxy_server:xxxx/
export ftp_proxy=ftp://proxy_server:xxxx/

I've even tried leaving out the foward slash at the end of the command and all to no avail. I can actually get to the ftp site no bother from the sever when I use a web browser so it is not a network issue.
Does anybody know what I am doing wrong?


Tom O' Flynn,
I.T. Technician,
Institute of Technology Tallaght,
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