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DNS resolution issue

I am very new to Linux and currently I am experiencing an issue with my
new installation of ES version 3. I am attempting to upgrade my external
DNS servers that are currently running RedHat version 6 to ES version 3.
My first attempt to cut over the new servers failed as on of my
customers was unable to send mail to a particular domain once I cut over
to the new platform.  Attempts to resovle the domain against the servers
running ES version 3 continued to fail however the old version of Linux
6 is able to resolve the domain.  We were forced to cut back to the
older version until we can resolve this issue.  The record that will not
resolve against the new server is;




Ns1.mindshift.com running ES version 3 is not able to resolve this


Ns2.mindshift.com  running Linux 6.0  is able to resolve this record.



Any help regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.



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