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Re: Subject: defragfs

what filesystem are you using ?
quick google says NOT to try and defrag ext3.. tool seems out of date.
here is an idea
from a post...

 I've actually looked at this before, and found a few solutions, but
quickly concluded that the programs in question (which had to be run
offline) seemed a little too unmaintained and unreliable to test out on
my partition. The best answer I've gotten from anyone so far is that
yes, there is a program that can do this, and that program is tar. =) Of
course, you'd need someplace to back everything up to. Then you can just
untar everything onto a clean partition, possibly with these new patches
in place in the kernel you use during the restore, but since tar is
probably doing this linearly anyway, I doubt it would make much

Long story short, most people I've talked to have never had any problems
with fragmented ext[23] filesystems. Sorry. 

 but if your using JFS


guessing you need the jfs tools 

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