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RE: Bare metal recovery

Researching using mkcdrec 
Anyone had any experiences with this?

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On Wed, Oct 19, 2005 at 05:22:03PM -0400, Shane Presley wrote:
> Thanks, yes BMR looks great, but it's an additional cost is it not?  I

> haven't gotten any quotes yet, but I imagine it's rather pricey?  (We 
> have 1 master/media server)

It's additional cost but it's not very pricey.  I heard the price
dropped quite a bit going to the 6.0 release since BMR is more
integrated into the product and the license just turns it on.  I think
it's around the $400 range per server.  It's certainly not free but it's
totally integrated with your regular backups - you toast the server and
you get back a full bare-metal recovery as current as your most recent
fulls and incrementals.  You don't even have to restore to the same kind
of hardware (e.g. you may now have bigger disks and want to repartition
during your recovery).

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