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Re: OT Blade servers

I have more the 50, Dell Blad Server, also I have worked with IBM 1350 Cluster made up of IU blades..
Never had any problem with Later version of Redhat, Like Fedora 3, 4 Suse 9+

Alberto wrote:

I admin 30 blade HS20 with RHEL3 U5 and everything works ok, no drivers

On 10/19/05, Byther, James E. <James E Byther maine gov> wrote:
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=>There is a lot of talk around the shop these days about
=>blades and how they are the next big thing. I personally
=>think they have limitations and are more niche than global.
=>What kind of blade experiences have you folks had? Thanks.
=>Regards, Marshall
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I'm running RHEL 3.0 & Win2003 on IBM HS20 blades with all of my DATA
residing on
NETAPP appliances via NFS & CIFS mounts..

I'm 80% happy with performance and stability. The Linux side was a bit of
pain because of driver issues. ("Bleeding" edge stuff) but we got through

Regards, Jim B
james byther maine gov

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