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Setting/altering printer margins for an HP OfficeJet printer in Fedora Core 4/CUPS?


     Highlight question:  how to set the margin for my HP printer in
Fedora Core 4?

     A bit more detail...

     I was running Red Hat Linux 7.1 until last month.  I installed CUPS
in late 2003, and I had figured out how to modify the HP9100.ppd file to
alter the margins.

     (Many programs, a2ps, acroread, etc. print just a little larger than
the printable margin area within my HP OfficeJet 9100 printer.)

     I had made a file (margins.ps) and modified the line where the gs
commandline was built, including this margins.ps file, which made the
margins proper, no matter which program executed the print command.

     The HP9100 ppd file now doesn't have the "command" and "foomatic",
or the call to gs (and I don't see gs running when I print something, and
I did used to see it running).  This is where I had it include my
margins.ps file, before, which worked fine.  It does have an HWMargins
line, which I thought might do it, but altering that didn't make any

     I installed Fedora Core 4 last month, and I'm experiencing the
margins problem, again.  (I have altered the web browser to be proper,
since that adjustment can be made within the web browser.  But, printing
from other programs involves the same problem.)

     The sensible thing to do is what I did before, so that ANY program
submitting a print job has the proper margins.

     What I need help on is, what/where is the best place to make the same
alteration now?  I want to do it properly, so I'd like some other people's
help on deciding where to set the margins.

     If I have failed to provide information which you need, please let me
know, and I'll gladly provide it!

     Thank you!


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