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RE: Wireless on linux/Battery Life


I'm speaking in general, without using wireless. When I'm running Windows
(dual boot) battery lasts 2-3 hrs fully charged, when on fedora, bout 45
minutes. I was thinking about upgrading anyways to RHEL 4. I'll look into
the bios configuration.

Very Respectfully, 
Cesar Covarrubias
Distributed Computing Support
Network and Academic Computing Services
University of California Irvine

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dont know what to tell you about ndiswrapper question. other than
see if your vendor offers source for your nic.

as for the power question. are you referring to your wifi nic being
enabled ?
if so man iwconfig.

or in general power use.. check your bios to see if apm is enabled and
configure it to your needs
How does your current battery life compair to what the vendor specs are

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