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Strange problem with LDAP and groups

Hi all,

I've read several howtos, faqs and googlized, but nothing... Maybe
someone on this list can help me with a very strange problem I have :

My system (RHEL 4) is properly set up (I hope so !) in
/etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/ldap.conf, to use OpenLDAP for local
accounts. It works, I can see users, groups and aliases I previously
declared in LDAP :

[root samba ~]# cat /etc/passwd | grep lc15
[root samba ~]#
[root samba ~]# getent passwd | grep lc15

My problem is with user "lc159". He is supposed to be in the group "dim" :

[root samba ~]# getent group | grep dim

If I check for user "lc70" for example, ok it works, I see he really
is in the "dim" group as he is supposed to be :

[root samba ~]# su - lc70 -c id
uid=515(lc70) gid=515(lc70) groups=506(quality),515(lc70),1008(dim)

I check the same thing for "lc159", also in the "dim" group, but nothing :

[root samba ~]# su - lc159 -c id
uid=1178(lc159) gid=1204(lc159) groups=1204(lc159)

Does anyone know why it does not work for this particular user ?

Thanks in advance for your ideas,


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