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RE: sendmail losing e-mails

> Also, sometimes an e-mail takes a long time to get delivered 
> and will be
> received after an e-mail that had been sent at a later date.

With some mail servers, a queue may start to accumulate, when
a problem occurs.  When the problem is cleared though, the mail
server may still keep these messages in the queue, but start
processing/sending along any new messages as they arrive.

There may be a job running at a specified interval running
a special command to clear any backed up queues.

> Can anybody guide me as to where I need to look?  Is this my 
> system doing
> this or could it be my ISP holding up these messages for fear 
> they are spam
> (which they are not)?

Is it possible that some certain keywords are flagged, and the
email marked as spam?

Might want to run a tcpdump to see the SMTP commands go back
and forth.


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