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RE: sendmail losing e-mails

>> Is it possible that some certain keywords are flagged, and the
>> email marked as spam?
>> Might want to run a tcpdump to see the SMTP commands go back
>> and forth.

> Could it be the specific SMTP server that I actually log into 
> that does
> this?  I see from /var/log/maillog that the IP address of the 
> SMTP server is
> different each time.
> How do I run a tcpdump? And what am I looking for when I do this?

Well, I'm sorry, but I don't have time to go through this in any

'man tcpdump' will certainly help as well as Ethereal, but this all
depends on your level of experience.  If you haven't used tcpdump
before, you may not be ready to look at the packet level communications
between you and your ISP, as wells as the SMTP commands in the packets.

I'd contact your ISP to see how easy it is for you to get a copy of
SMTP logs.  It could take you a few weeks to figure out tcpdump,
and the SMTP commands going back and forth.


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