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redhat-config-packages using iso image


I want to do the following. Run redhat-config-package pointing to
loopback mounts of iso images.

My understanding is the following works.

1. copy .discinfo from the first disk to the subdirectory containing the
disk images.

ie folder redhat contains


this should allow the following to work.

redhat-config-packages -tree=/redat

the problem is that I cannot get it to work. I get an error message

installation tree not found. The path does not look like a proper
installation source.

Note the above folder details were an example, I want to sort this out
for an internal set of images for

redhat x
fedora x
redhat enterprise 3 x
redhat enterprise 4 x

I figure the method is common to all. I simply cannot get it working at
the moment. Any help appreciated.


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