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RE: e2lable


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> Subject: e2lable
> would someone tell me what im missing. 
> I did an fdisk / mkfs.ext3 / e2lable
> now.. the e2lable shows the correct info e2label /dev/sda1 
> /var but when i put that in my fstab it errors on boot.. 
> cant find /var~~~~ you get the point.. 
> here is what i put in my fstab 
> LABEL=/var              /var                   ext3    
> defaults        1
> 2 
> and no.. the is no other disk with that lable in the system.!! 
> Thanks e2fsprogs-1.38 rpm 
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If you let redhat  do the default partition setup on your system
/dev/sda1 is normally  /boot

Can you do a dump of your partitions and your fstab and post please?


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