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RHEL4 and Disk Druid inconsistencies

Hello All,

I've been trying my darnedest to build a pair of clustered servers this week. I have been though the RHEL4 install on all four machines. All of which are the exact same hardware. One thing that is driving me nuts though is Disk Druid. I have been very careful about building all my partitions exactly the same (same order and sizes, etc....), yet I keep getting different results. i.e.

I'll slice both hard drives like so:

sda1     200MB     software raid
sda2     2000MB   software raid
sda3     6000MB   software raid
sda4     extended partition
sda5     232800MB     software raid

All the cluster sizes match and everything. All seems good. Then I start making the RAID sets. Some times I'll end up with this:

md0 200MB /boot
md1 6000MB /
md2 2000MB swap
md3 232800MB /data

other times I'll end up with this (or something else completely).

md0 2000MB swap
md1 6000MB /
md2 232800MB /data
md3 200MB /boot

There doesn't seem to be any consistency in how disk druid orders the md devices when they are created. While not 100% necessary to have the clusters all setup exactly the same, it certainly does make administering them easier if I don't have to deal with nuances like this.

So, my questions:

1) Can anyone tell me how to repeatably get the same results from disk druid each time, or why it does this? 2) Is there any way to reorder the md devices once the system is installed? What do I need to change/look for?

Sean Hawthorne
Roam IT Technical Professional
Email: shawthorne roam-it com

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