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RE: senamil with two domains

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Subject: RE: senamil with two domains


I am implementing Oracle Email Server (OES).  OES has it's own smpt
gateway that uses sendmail and sends mail. I have option to create
domains in OEM. I have created one domain "uk.dev1.com" in my OES and an
email user called "testuser" in this domain.

I configured this account with outlook express and could see the
mailbox. I tried sending mail from testuser uk dev1 com to itself
(testuser uk dev1 com). I was successful in sending this mail. I even
received the mail I sent from my own inbox. The problem is, the from and
to mail IDs are having "hydlmuk.com" as my domain instead of
"uk.dev1.com". hydlmuk.com is my unix box name.

I tried editing the sendmail.cf as per the suggestion given below. Added
the following entry to "sendmail.cf" and bounced the sendmail.


But, I am having the same problem again. Can anyone tell me a way to
troubleshoot this issue? Pointers to documents also will do.


Try adding these lines to your sendmail.mc file


Then remake the sendmail.cf from sendmail.mc (as it's best not to edit
sendmail.cf directly).

To remake, execute the following command:

m4 < sendmail.mc > sendmail.cf

then restart sendmail.

I think this is all.


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