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RE: GRUB dual-boot 32/64bit RHEL ES - followup

My thanks go out to Ed Wilts, and Marcelino Mata on this one;

Ed for this insight: 
> Both have the root device being /.  Relabel one of them with e2label and
> then update grub.conf accordingly.  Right now, both will use the same
> partition for /.

and Marcelino for this gem:
> I believe the /etc/fstab will also need to be updated to reflect the new
> e2label label....or remove the labels from menu.lst and fstab.  Labels
> can a be pain with dual/triple boot OS installs.

While booted into the still-functional 32-bit OS, I relabeled the 64-bit
partitions, updated grub, updated /etc/fstab on the 64-bit partition, and
rebooted.  An instant Success! 

Thanks again fellows!


Gavin McDonald
EVI Logistic Enterprises
email: me gavitron com
phone: (604) 313-3845

> On Tue, Oct 25, 2005 at 07:24:39PM -0700, Gavin McDonald wrote:
> > So now, I cant seem to configure GRUB for the second OS. I added a
> second
> > entry, and made what seemed to be the right changes, but booting was a
> > spectacular failure.  GRUB found the "right" kernel and initrd, but it
> > looked like the root filesystem was being loaded off of /def/hda3
> instead of
> > /dev/hdb3.  How _should_ I be doing this?  Do I need to sync my
> /boot/grub
> > folders between /dev/hda & /dev/hdb?
> >

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