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Adding Developmetn Tools - Fedora 3

I have an odd situation. I've installed a package called Instant OGo onto a server which uses a auto-installer. The kernel is Fedora3 2.6.11-27. I was trying to compile some additional anti-spam programs and noticed that the compiler was missing. I tried adding the compiler and required dependencies but since Fedora 3 does not come with the kernel headers I could not add them in. When I try to add the headers using rpmbuild and the source that doesn't work cuz I don't have a compiler.....How can I get a compiler in without the kernel headers and the kernel headers without a compiler?

The final problem is that the auto-build has a limited "Add/Remove" menu that just shows the Instant OGo RPMs. I cannot add the Development Tools as I would normally do in a standard Fedora 3 install. Is there a way to add the Development Tools manually? If I know which packages to install then I could do it. However, it seems that I can't do anything without the headers and the headers need the compiler....recursive loop.

Thanks for any help.....

Jason Gray

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