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RE: sys time running fast

No that happens a lot on PCs. My windows one does it all the time.
Open up the clock config thing (might need root password) and enable
ntpd. Select a site from the choices, hit apply. Then every time you
start your computer, it'll get the time automatically from the site you
selected. It's also a handy way to see if your internet/DNS is working
during startup.
Of course, whether the clock site is in sync with the other clocks in
your house is another story...

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I've got an old pc - p II 133 iirc - running RH9. The system clock runs 
fast, I'd estimate a few minutes per month. Funny because when I ran 
Windows on older boxes like that I think the clock used to run slow.

Is this a known problem, or something I've configured wrong? Should I
keep adjusting with the date cmd or is there a fix for this kind of


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