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RE: RHEL3.0 vs Mysqlserver

> If i am not mistaking I also couldn't find the server rpms on 
> the EL installation itself. I will try up2date. Do I need any 
> configuration for up2date ,I am behind the firewall, so which 
> dest. İp and port should I open for up2date ? 

Hi Baran,

you will need to run "up2date --config" to set you proxy variables etc.
I prefer to not use the up2date GUI but that can be used.

The only port you need to open  is http and possibly https. If you can surf the net from your machine then you can use up2date.

up2date --config will let you setup the proxy and any passwords plus a bunch of other stuff, its very friendly to use (usually) ;)

Good Luck,
Nick .

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