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RE: senamil with two domains

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Subject: RE: senamil with two domains

My requirement is a bit different actually. I want to use uk.dev1.com as
well as hydlmuk.com. In fact I will be creating one more domain called
"uk.crp1.com" and would send mail from all of these domains at the same


Here is what I did to change the "From id" for outgoing mail.  

- created a file named genericstable to map a local user to a <user>@domain:

<localuserid>	<userid>@uk.dev1.com

In your case, I guess <localuserid> and <userid> would be the same.  All
e-mail sent by <localuserid> will have uk.dev1.com as its domain name.

- in the /etc/mail directory, ran the following command:

Makemap -r hash genericstable.db < genericstable

- added the output of the "hostname -f" command into a file called

- added these two lines to sendmail.mc

FEATURE(genericstable, `hash -o /etc/mail/genericstable')

- recompiled sendmail.mc:

m4 <sendmail.mc > sendmail.cf

This worked for my limited use of it.  I'm definitely not an expert with
sendmail but I hope this can help.

You may need to play around with it.  The GENERICS_DOMAIN_FILE may need all
your fully-qualified domain names.  I only have one domain name but I use
the generics table to map different users to different e-mail accounts on
different internet domains.  

Somebody else on this list could probably tell you if this would work the
same when one machine has several domains.


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