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Re: X Forwarding with telnet

On versions 3, default X server was XFree86, on versions 4 is X.org. By
default on versions 4, X config files differs something, p. ex., not
allow remote tcp conections (used by telnet forwarding). If allows it,
you can see port 6000/tcp open in your host:

fuser -n tcp -v 6000

Also, you can see "-nolisten tcp" on X daemon string: ps -def | grep X

2 possible solutions: Open port 6000, or ssh forwarding.

- How open port 6000/tcp? If use gdm (don't know in kdm):
Edit /etc/gdm/gdm.conf and puts parameter "DisallowTCP=false"
Telnet forwarding must work restarting X system.

- ssh forwarding: whith command

ssh <host> -X -C

Probe it (local user and remote user must be the same?). The -X
parameter means 'Tunnel Forwarding', and -C is for compression.

Good luck!
Cecilio M.

Dege, Robert C. escribió:

>I'm running RHEL 4, and am unable to forward X apps to my local display
>when I telnet to a remote machine.
>I have correctly set the DISPLAY correctly on the remote machine, and
>also ran xhost +, but am still unable to run any remote X apps on my
>Is there some local config file that I need to modify to allow this?  I
>have iptables stop, and SELinux is not running.

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