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Re: how to boot from second disk

What you are doing is not possible with that method. Besides using some true bare-metal bit-by-bit cloning tool you will have to do a lot more work for recovery. You will have to use fdisk to setup the partitions, dump a working MBR on the drive, create the filesystems on the parttions using mke2fs and mkswap. Then you can restore your data on the partitions. Your best bet is to try and get a working RAID1 for your boot drive and prey that both disks don't die before the server is retired.

On Jul 31, 2006, at 5:58 PM, mcclnx mcc wrote:

We have Redhat As 4.3 on DELL 6800 server. I am doing recovery test and tried to boot from second disk (which use dump to sync first disk). My procedure are:

1. "mkbootdisk" to create bootable CD

2. reboot server and go CTL-M on PERC 4e/dc firmware menu. Change boot device to "2"

3. put bootable CD to CD-ROM.  Reboot

4. it still boot from first disk instead of second disk.

any one know how to boot from second disk or command "boot: xxxx" to second disk?


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