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Re: ReiserFS on RedHat 8.0 - "dead inode read from disk", but disks are fine...

El Jueves, 3 de Agosto de 2006 10:22, Richard Hobbs escribió:
> Hello,
> Kernel version is as follows...
>   [rhobbs stg-it2 rhobbs]$ uname -r
>   2.4.20-28.8smp
>   [rhobbs stg-it2 rhobbs]$
> Is this *definitely* nothing to worry about at all then? What causes it
> to happen?
> I know you said it was possibly caused by a file being deleted with
> "unlink(2)", but how would i know if this is happening?
> Thanks again,
> Richard.

Ummm, there's also one more thing that could make those messages appear

Hence new inode is created. On-disk inode is read from the
disk. Function that reads inode from disk (reiserfs_read_inode2())
issues a warning if nlink==0 (this warning was added for exactly this
situation). If nlink is 0 ("dead inode...") we return error. Problem is
that though error is returned and inode is marked bad, iput() on this
new inode will still call reiserfs_delete_inode() that will complain
that it there is no on-disk inode because unlink() ultimately managed to

Manuel Aróstegui Ramírez.

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