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CUPS enterprise setup

Just looking for any direction or if anyone has already done an
Enterprise wide
CUPS print server setup..  I all ready have CUPS running as a print
server for a reporting
system we have. So im familiar with it.. With its class settings.. im
really looking at it for
our print server of choice for our print server.   Since IPP is
available for all our clients
(win,mac,linux,solaris) Anyone know of a good way to post printers to a
web page 
for easy install (that way i dont have to tell the user.. go to prints
add type this in.....)

And can i setup auth to a print to an LDAP server?... so jane in
research can get to printer X
while bob in maintenance cannont.. 

This is a LOT like how novell does their iPrint.. basically want that
functionality but without their

Im also going to post to CUPS.. I will drop a line back here so if i
get any feedback.

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