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Re: grub no timeout

Antonello, just comment out hiddenmenu line in grub.conf


On 8/8/06, Josh Miller <joshua itsecureadmin com> wrote:

Try using a space instead of your '=' sign to separate the directive
from the value, this is how I do it:

default 0
timeout 5


Antonello Piemonte wrote:
> On Monday 07 August 2006 11:44, Arun Williams wrote:
>> Try out giving more span for timeout (eg : 10), because by the time
>> grub screen is displayed the count might have finished.
> well, there is no countdown actually: when I reboot the server I get to
> the grub splash screen, and instead of getting a counter in seconds to
> boot, it just sits there (with no countdown anywehere to be seen)
> until I press Enter on the chosen entry.
> thx
> a.

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