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RE: autofs not mounting Windows shares

I do not know about your specific situation, but I have experienced a
problem when trying to write to a NTFS share. I understand it is because
NTFS is proprietary, and the software you need to write to it reliably must
be licensed. I would imagine the license does not allow this. I am curious
though how products like Norton Ghost can do this after booting to PC-DOS
from floppy disk. This may not solve your problem though. Where I have
noticed this is trying to recover a system that is missing a very critical
file. I have been able to pull off data but not write it, so if I can pull
the data off then I must be able to mount it. This is all done automagically
with knoppix though. Well, this is kind of a random walk down the road of
NTFS and accessing it outside of Windows, but I hope my observations will
help a bit.

Job Cacka

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Is there a setting in selinux that would prevent autofs from mounting
a Windows XP share but allow a MacOS smb share?


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