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Re: Location of relay-hosts file or equivalent in RHEL4 ES?

On Sun, 13 Aug 2006, Ed McCorduck wrote:

Hello, I'm running Enterprise Linux 4 ES with Sendmail as my SMTP
server. I need to configure my Linux box to relay e-mail from another
server I manage, i.e. to have my Linux machine be that other server's
"smart server." One step is apparently to do as indicated in section on page 165 of the _Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4: Reference
Guide_, namely "[t]o configure relay domains, edit the
/etc/mail/relay-domains file . . ." However, this file is not in my
/etc/mail directory nor anywhere else on my RHEL computer. Any
suggestions or alternate procedures would be appreciated.

You would need to create the file, populate it with the appropriate information, and make sure that the sendmail.cf file was configured appropriately, yourself.

Mike Burger

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