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Re: Using a Linux box as a NAS

Vladimir Kosovac wrote:
You'd want to have a look at freeradius - included with RH / Fedora.

I've installed freeradius, and am in the process of configuring. But like VPN, the howto documents I can find, like this:


show how to use it to set up freeradius for wireless access, and or dial in (PPP). Actually, I probably will want to do that at some point, but right now, strictly wired, and not dial in. And I have found NOTHING detailing setting it up for 2 factor authentication.

Thanks for responding, though.


On 8/18/06, Bill Tangren <bjt aa usno navy mil> wrote:

I am exploring how to use a Linux box as a Network Authentication Server.
found a few VPN + PPP howtos, but I don't think that is quite what I need.
head of IT is looking to install something that will be the sole (2
authentication point for our teleworkers for access to our internal

Could someone please point me to documentation that will explain how we
can go
about doing this?


Bill Tangren

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