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Re: up2date question

A) Downlaod the ISO of RHEL3 U7 from RHN 

B) Mount the ISOs in a local directory on the system, for instance:

# mount iso_filename /mnt/ISO -o loop

C) Copy all the RPMs from the /mnt/ISO/RedHat/RPMS to /var/spool/up2date directory, for instance:

# cp /mnt/ISO/RedHat/RPMS/*.rpm /var/spool/up2date

D) Repeat the steps A and B for the remaining ISOs.

E) Edit the file /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources, comment the line:

# up2date default

Uncomment and modify the last line to look similar as:
dir my-favorite-rpms-i386-9 /var/spool/up2date/ and save the file.

F) Now, up2date the system  which will receive all the updates from the '/var/spool/up2date' directory.

# up2date -u

Try it on test system first...


On Thu, 2006-08-17 at 11:50 -0700, Steve Rieger wrote:
>     hi all
> have software that is certified on AS 3.7 but not on 3.8,
> is there any way i can update AS 3.4 to 3.7 but not to 3.8.
> i tried downloading the RPMS and pointing up2date there but it still 
> goes to rhn and gets 3.8.
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> does unix for rent,
> plays harp for food,
> will play the flute for kicks
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