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NFS mount hangs

I've got a handful (about 20) client machines that mount a series of directories off of a server. In this case, the clients are RHEL4 systems, and the server is a Mac OS Server. I use the automounter to automatically manage the mounts. The user merely cd's to the correct directory, and it automagically mounts itself.

99% of the time, this works flawlessly. There are times; however, that the mount process hangs. After upgrading the client RHEL systems to the latest kernel, its happened twice. In both cases, I can mount some NFS directories, while others hang. Even if I try to mount them manually, outside the context of the automounter, nothing happens. Meanwhile, other directories on the same client work fine.

In the past, the only way I can find to "fix" the problem is to reboot the client. This is obviously not ideal.

Here's a sample mount showing my config: on /mac/home type nfs (rw,addr=

I suspect that I don't have NFS configured/tuned very well. Does anyone have any suggestions here? Any idea why some exports mysteriously die?

Thanks for any help,


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