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Re: NFS mount hangs

On Mon, Aug 21, 2006 at 05:19:13PM -0400, Norman Elton wrote:
> 99% of the time, this works flawlessly. There are times; however,  
> that the mount process hangs. After upgrading the client RHEL systems  
> to the latest kernel, its happened twice. In both cases, I can mount  
> some NFS directories, while others hang. Even if I try to mount them  
> manually, outside the context of the automounter, nothing happens.  
> Meanwhile, other directories on the same client work fine.

Hmm... could be a bug on the OSX server as well?  On the client, if you do
an strace -p on the mount process, what do you see (when it's locked up).
Or maybe it's deadlocked waiting for some sort of IO?

Just brainstorming here, but maybe you could leave a tcpdump running and
catch this when it happens and see what part of the negotiation succeeded
and what part failed... perhaps help isolate whether the client or server is
to blame.


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