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Re: Upgrade 8 to 9

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darrel barton wrote:
> I want to upgrade all my systems from 8 (Psyche) to the latest most
> supported version,  
supported by whom? an application vendor, or the community?
Red Hat 8 is very old and is only supported (if at all) via the fedora
legacy project. The latest stable community-supported 'version' would be
one of the Fedora Core releases - 5 is the latest stable one.
you also have the choice of a RHEL subscription (to get software support
from RH) or using one of the rebuilds such as CentOS, which will provide
you with broadly equivalent functionality.

> but I've had two problems (bugs actually) in Red Hat
> 8 and I'd like to know that they've been CORRECTED in later versions.

> The first problem is the launching of applications.   After the system
> is booted and initialized, all the applications from the menus (Nautilus
> and Gnome) run fine.  But at some point later (days later) the menu
> functions simply won't launch -- for example, you can navigate TO "Users
> and Groups" but when you click on it, it won't launch.  Nautilus or
> Gnome, same problem.   Same with network settings, etc.  A reboot clears
> this.    I've never seen documentation ON this problem, so I have no
> idea if it's been fixed.
I have not seen this issue at all on anything (since RH9)
RH8 was only around for a vey short time and clearly had some issues as
it was replaced rather rapidly. the enterprise versions don't seem to
have this problem, nor do the Fedora Core releases.

> The second problem is, in my opinion, a HEINOUS omission or bug in the
> kernel, one that someone should die over:
a bit harsh, don't you think?

> standard input is closed: Value too large for defined data type
> The Linux kernel (at least in 8.0 Psyche) will allow an application such
> as CPIO to CREATE an archive larger than the kernel can READ BACK.   No
> if's and's but's about this one - this is a CRIMINAL error on someone's
> part.   If even ONE person on this planet ever lost data because the
> kernel refused to open a file that the kernel made, then Torvalds
> himself should be made to go there and manually key in all of the user's
> lost data.
have you looked on redhat's bugzilla site?
I would expect that if there was such an issue it has been fixed some
time ago. File size limits are different these days in any case.
did you report this as a bug when you found it?
...and what makes you think this is Linus' personal fault even if it was
a kernel bug?


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Stuart Sears RHCA RHCX
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