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RE: Permit root login for telnet..

Is there any way ,so that I can find out how many members are on these list?

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El Viernes, 25 de Agosto de 2006 16:11, Shekhar Dhotre escribió:
> OK , no one has access to network room here than Coms guys . Even I
> cannot go in as I am in Unix/Storages group. Our comm. guys are not
> interested in checking our passwords.
> Also they have access to most of the prod switches, so they are trusted
> by the business. Again not a risk .

There's also no riks if you only allow root login using local keyboard on 
every server ;-) You're making no sense.By the way, that's not the mostly 
network topologie.

Furthermore, you cannot be sure that no one are interested on passwords, 
moreover, if you're suposing that, what kind of system administrator are you? 
Security doesn't matter for you? Please make sense and talk about REAL 

Manuel Arostegui Ramirez.

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