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Re: Where the heck is mailx

if the mailx rpm is installed, you should be able to do a rpm -q -l
mailx  (or whatever the rpm is listed under) and that will tell you all
the files that were installed and their locations.


>>> mhaney ercbroadband org 08/25/06 10:31 am >>>
I'm running RHEL3 on a server and I'm trying to find the mailx binary. 

The RPM db says it's installed (and the latest one I could find), but I

cannot find mailx anywhere.  I have a script that I want to be able to

mail certain data to myself and I've always used mailx for things like

that.  Did I miss something?

Ceterum censeo, Carthago delenda est.

Mark Haney
Sr. Systems Administrator
ERC Broadband
(828) 350-2415

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