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RE: Permit root login for telnet..

>>>until someone broke 

 So there are unix guys who are better than Unix admins in your shop ?
or was it programmer ?  You can easily trace that out -who logged in by
IP -DHCP etc.. we do it all the time .. 
If someone here even logs into co-workers machine without his permission
that's against company policy - HR disciplinary action - gets fired. 

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Shekhar Dhotre wrote:
> OK , no one has access to network room here than Coms guys . Even I
> cannot go in as I am in Unix/Storages group. Our comm. guys are not
> interested in checking our passwords.
> Also they have access to most of the prod switches, so they are
> by the business. Again not a risk .

That's what some of us here thought too... until someone broke in to one
of our 
computers, put the network card in promiscuous mode, started a password
and then got the root passwords for dozens of boxes.

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