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risk of data loss

Hello all,

I have to investigate under what circumstances a data loss in Linux might 
occur (e.g. server crash when data is in filesystem cache only). Data loss 
is possible if the application has got "I/O complete" although the data to 
be written is not yet "on disk". The handling within the storage 
(subsystem) is not in scope. 

In addition I shall find out if there are special technologies used by 
some common Linux applications (Oracle, MySQL)  to circumvent this problem 
(e.g. Oracle with raw devices). Maybe there are certain options that 
minimize the risk of data loss (kernel options, special filesystems or 
filesystem options).

Can someone give me some advices or point me to some useful sites in the 
web, please? Any help is appreciated - thanx in advance. 

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards
Oliver Fenker
Bayer Business Services GmbH
Oliver Fenker
Gebäude B 151, Raum 413
51368 Leverkusen

E-Mail: oliver fenker bayerbbs com
Internet: www.bayerbbs.com

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