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Re: custom kickstart problem

On 12/1/06, Mike <mikeslec gmail com> wrote:

Any kickstart gurus out there?

I'm building an install CD with a kickstart cfg embedded in the iso (along
with the initrd.img, isolinux.bin, etc).  According to the docs from RH,
kickstart file must be named ks.cfg.  So I built the iso, burned it to a
but when linux boots the box it doesn't see the ks file.  I tried a
multitude of cmd line entries, such ks=cdrom:/ks.cfg, etc, but no
go.  What
am I doing wrong?

A good manual for that,  i never encounter to copy the ks.cfg file embedded
into the CD itself
I use the floppy method and it works. Just make sure to check the details,
like on example here for CD: it should "ks=cdrom:/path/for/ks.cfg not unlike
the floppy that it looks for file.




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