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Re: GD library

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Subject: Re: GD library

Navarro, Rolando (CIP) wrote:
Dear all,

I am trying to install Module GD for my system but appear a error after I use make test command.
I read the help and I found that I need libgd but I dont find it, please can you help me, If anyone have installed this tool, give a hand!

You need these packages:

[root greyhound home]# rpm --query --all | grep gd

[root greyhound home]# rpm --query --file /usr/lib/libgd.so.2.0.0

Best regards,

 -- David

Navarro, Rolando (CIP) wrote:
I did it:

[root hpc-cip conf]# rpm --query --file /usr/lib/libgd.so.2.0.0

But I cant install GD Perl Module.

GD.xs: In function `newDynamicCtx':

GD.xs:444: error: structure has no member named `gd_free'

Ok, do you have RPM package "gd-devel"?

Once you do, download the latest Perl package from CPAN:

              wget http://www.cpan.org/modules/by-module/GD/GD-2.35.tar.gz

Then try compiling. Compiling works on my machine but the test fails...hmmm......... except if I exclude GIF support.
Aha. Maybe it wasn't included in RH because of the patent problem?

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