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Re: how to add commands

On 02Dec2006 04:49, Rizwan Khan <rizwaan gmail com> wrote:
| >you can alias a command for your custom name.
| What does this means??? can you plz elaborate this further, thanks

It means it's a bad idea. Aliases are usually a waste of time.

Generally you simply want to ensure the command executable lives in a
directory in your $PATH variable.

When you installed Purify, where did it put the purify executable?
Supposing it put it in:
Then you want to add "/some/where/bin" to the list of directories in
your $PATH variable.

You can do this immediaitely at your shell prompt like this:

  export PATH

To make that permanent you need to put it in your $HOME/.profile (or
$HOME/.bash_profile). Just add those two lines to the end of it.

Then you should just be able to type "purify", and indeed any other
command in /some/where/bin.

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