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RE: Can't activate eth0 network connection

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>Subject: Can't activate eth0 network connection
>I have an HP Proliant DL385 with RHEL 4.0 ES on it.
>I can't get the network device to activate to where I can ping the 
>machine or ping other machines from it.
>I noticed when I run ifconfig it says
>but it doesn't have the word RUNNING in the output like it does on my 
>SunFire X4200 which does have an active network connection and looks 
>like this
>Shouldn't it say RUNNING?
>I also noticed when running ethtool eth0 that it says
>Link detected: no
>I've verified that the network cable is good because I 
>switched it from 
>my SunFire which is working and which is connected to the same 
>gigabit hub.
>I ran the netconfig utility on the HP and entered the IP address and 
>netmask and nameserver and default gateway and DNS info. I have the 
>machines DNS name registered with my local DNS servers. My 
>/etc/nsswitch.conf file has the word files then dns for the hosts line.
>Is there something special on the HP I need to do to activate the 
>network interface? This machine has two nic connectors on the back 
>labeled 1 and 2. I have the cable plugged into 1 and on the front it 
>shows that there is a network link because the green light is on.
>THank you.
>Dave Martini
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What else does ifconfig tell you/us? (ip, mask, etc)
Do you have SELinux enabled?  If yes, disable it and test again.
Have you turned off your firewall. Same deal as SEL.
Have you tried "service network start/restart"
Have you set your speed/duplex to match that of the port on the switch?
Can you ping

These are all the first things I look at when faced with network issues.

Regards, Marshall

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