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Re: How to check fan speed?

Quoting "Poluri, Ramachandra Rao" <rp230050 ncr com>:

Please help how to find out the fan speed on my Linux machine & how to
change the settings related to it..

Install lm_sensors package (if you don't have it already). As root, run sensors-detect. It will attempt to detect what sensor chips you have on the motherboard. Not all chips are supported, and support varies by the version of lm_sensors (you'll probably have more luck with newer motherboards under Fedora Core, than in Enterprise Linux).

At the end, the "sensors-detect" will instruct you to edit some files. You can skip that. The sensors-detect will update everything needed, and there's lm_sensors service (in /etc/init.d) that does boot time initialization.

Once everything is setup, you can use "sensors" command (either as root or normal user) to read out information about fans, temperatures and voltages. You can set alarm levels in /etc/sensors.conf (under your chipset's section), however every time you change it you'll have to run "sensors -s" as root for new settings to take effect. Usually you'll need to tweak alarm levels, esp. if you have variable speed fans.

Hope this helps.

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