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Re: How to submit application to a cluster?

To answer the original question, you usually write a submit script, which could look something like:

#PBS -N job_name
#PBS -j oe


and save in a file called, say serial.sh and then
qsub serial.sh

at which point the job is submitted to the pbs_server, actually torque on oscar 4.2.

HPC clusters are usually used for modelling, and large scale calculations rather than load balancing an application which I think is what you want.


On Tue, 5 Dec 2006, Lord of Gore wrote:

mark wrote:
Anmol Bedi wrote:
Dear All,
:) *Dear*, I know the hollydays are close but let's not get into the Christmas spirit, at least not yet... :)

Our company has developed a php based campaign management system. It uses
swift mail for the campaign mailing. Swift mail invokes sendmail to send
emails. I wish to integrate this mail sending on cluster. I have installed
OSCAR cluster application on my server with 7 nodes. cluster is working
What is the bottleneck that you are trying to avoid? Is it the CPU resources, the bandwidth? From what I know Oscar is used for sharing hardware resources and mailing problems like the one I think you have are addressed by load-balancing network connections. Maybe this is not your case so you should post more info about your problem

how can i make this php application work on my cluster so that it shares the load of sending out emails. help needed urgently.

Excuse the ignorance, but what's a "campaign management system"... and is it anything like unsolicited commercial email?


No, I hope he refers to a application that injects banners on given sites hosted on the servers considering filters, public targeting, number of apparitions and so on. Of course I could be dead wrong and give more credit to somebody I don't know. In this case campaign management system will be *exactly* what you said... :) Hey, Anmol, what are you trying to do? Should we get concerned that SORBS database will grow a little more? Should we give a donation to them consisting in a harddrive to store the IP's you'll use? :)

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