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RE: Scripting /etc/fstab changes

Thanks for all the help!! Looks like sed is the ticket. Guess I need to get
a good sed book!!


Richard J. Danda II
BLCSE Network Manager/IASO
Maneuver Support Battle Lab
Fort Leonard Wood, MO
richard danda us army mil

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On 12/5/06, Gaddis, Jeremy L. <jeremy linuxwiz net> wrote:
> On 12/5/06, David Tonhofer <d tonhofer m-plify com> wrote:
> > Try this perl script, it's probably unelegant as hell but I found it 
> > in my "hacks" directory.
> > No guarantees!!! Try it first manually, then set reallyWrite to 1 to 
> > replace your fstab.
> Why a huge script when you can easily do it with a sed one-liner?
> sed -i -e 's/^hostA/hostB/g' /etc/fstab

Or to rewrite /etc/fstab in place with perl at least something like

perl -p -i -e s/hostA/hostB/ /etc/fstab


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