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Re: DST Patch for Red Hat Servers

On 12/7/06, Budi Febrianto <bfebrian gmx net> wrote:

is this only affect us? or asia have the impact too? i live in indonesia.

Well its going to affect you if you interact with people in the states
since if they send you anything with the new timezones your stuff will be an
hour off.  When Brazil made their changes some of the Windows users hadn't
gotten the timezone updated and exchange was fairly cranky till they figured
it out.

Something else to look out for everyone.  There are multiple applications
that keep their own timezone information.  You'll need to make sure they
either rely on the tzdata provided by Red Hat or get ready to upgrade them
as well.

The big one is java.  Its going to have to be updated to handle the
changes.  I'm still going through and verifying anything that might involve
a date.  logging, messaging, dbs, mail, . . .  <sigh>

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