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RE: DST Patch for Red Hat Servers

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Subject:	Re: DST Patch for Red Hat Servers

On 12/7/06, Budi Febrianto <bfebrian gmx net> wrote:
> is this only affect us? or asia have the impact too? i live in indonesia.

Well its going to affect you if you interact with people in the states
since if they send you anything with the new timezones your stuff will be an
hour off.  


Maybe... Since UNIX/Linux systems keep their internal clocks set to GMT, the timezone setting only effects how time is presented to the user, and how user supplied times are interpreted. For example, as I type this I'm sitting at a PC with US/Eastern timezone, but I've also remotely connected to a machine in the other coast, and set my TZ environment variable to US/Eastern.  Running `date` on either system reports the "correct" time from my point of view. HOWEVER, the local users likely have their TZ environment variable set to "US/Pacific" so they are also seeing the "correct" time. (For dedicated Linux machines, I set my hardware clock to GMT)

Dual-boot systems might be more of a problem, since if Windows and Linux disagree on the time, strange things could happen. In this case, I usually have to set the hardware clock to be local time.

In any case... run NTP to keep your system in sync with the rest of the world!

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