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Re: Apply a update

Gaddis, Jeremy L. wrote:
On 12/8/06, Edson Noboru Yamada <enyamada gmail com> wrote:
Is there a way to apply an update to a live installation on the same way we
apply a service
pack to a windows server?
Unless you're talking about a kernel upgrade you should not have to restart the server, just the service that was updated. Updates are handled in about the same way that M$ deals with them. You have an update utility that takes care of everything. If you think about having 1 milion updates in just one file well I didn't see this yet and I'm not sure if it will appear any time soon I think taking in consideration 2 aspects of the problem:
1. Linux doesn't have 1 gzillion bugs, holes and security risks like windows
2. Because every admin tailors his setup by his needs using what software he thinks it's best why should you download and try to install an update for the yellow lights switch for the railway as long as you're dealing with an airport?

Hope it helps

Can you be more specific?  I'm not sure what you're really asking.

If you wanted to update the Apache web server, for example, it's a
simple matter of installing the appropriate updates and restarting the
httpd service, if you're wanting to avoid a restart (not sure what
you're getting at).

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