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Re: <RHEL: SNTP Client>

Hello Aleksandar,

Thanks for your quick reply.

As you say, there isn't much advantage of running SNTP vs. NTP.
And, probably, one could "simulate" SNTP by ntpd configuration
regarding accurary. Is this right?

However, unlike NTP, SNTP uses connectionless UDP, and this may be the whole
Does a NTP server consider the provision of time synchronization service
to a SNTP client? Or a SNTP client needs a SNTP server?

Many thanks.

Best regards.

On 12/7/06, Aleksandar Milivojevic <alex milivojevic org> wrote:

Quoting Crouching Tiger <crouchingtiger33 gmail com>:

> I've been looking for information regarding SNTP support in Red Hat
> Enterprise Linux 4 AS, however the result is inconclusive.
> Today, SNTP is the most common use of the NTP infrastructure. Also, SNTP
> a small subset of the overall NTP functionality, so it has many unique
> client implementations.
> I have found information regarding NTP support. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
> AS implements version 4 of the Network Time Protocol (NTP).
> Could you please let me know if there is a SNTP client presently in the
> Hat Enterprise Linux 4 AS?

Hmmm...  As far as I know, there is no dedicated SNTP client.  Anyhow,
what's wrong with configuring ntpd to be just a client?  The
configuration file is couple of lines (very simple).  Or you could
just fire off system-config-time and let it create configuration file
for you (I'd suggest enabling "use local time source" under advanced

I simply fail to see any advantage of running SNTP vs. full NTP

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