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Re: ftp from Red Hat AS 4.4 to Open VMS System

Thanks to everyone who responded. When you do an ls or dir on a remote host, it creates a "new" connection back to the server, so it is not persistent. It appears to be grabbing a random port in the 53*** area.

Is there syntax in iptables to allow all ports from a host over port 1024?

I also had to issue the *passive* command once connected before I could run an ls or dir.


Gaddis, Jeremy L. wrote:
On 08/12/06, Troy Knabe <knabe 4j lane edu> wrote:
I am migrating from some Solaris boxes to Red Hat.  I have a couple of
jobs that ftp a file to our legacy Alpha server running Open VMS (All on
a private network).

Anyway, from Sun and even Winders boxes the ftp works fine.  But from
any of my Red Hat boxes, I get connected and can even run some commands,
ie. status, rstatus.  But an ls, dir, get, or put all just hang forever.
  Does anyone have any ideas.  I have already tried both ftp binaries on
the boxes, and stopped iptables on the linux servers, with no luck.

Since the "control commands" seem to be working okay, and you're only
having problems with commands that open up a data channel, I'd check
your setup with port 20.  Check for passive vs. active mode, iptables
connection tracking, NAT issues, etc.

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