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DNS Issues after setting up a WAN?


We are running a network with Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 4.  The
network ID is 192.168.0.x.  The server IP address is  The
sever is also acting as a DNS server.

We have configured the DNS server and it seems to be working fine.  On
the local side of the network (Network ID 192.168.0.x) we can ping the
server by using the server name or the FQDN.   Both the following
commands work fine.

	ping rs-svr1
(successful ping)
	ping rs-svr1.ruclaservices.local                (successful

We then configured two routers to connect a remote site with Network ID
192.168.1.x.  The routing table has also been set up properly on the

However, from the remote side we seem to be getting DNS issues which is
affecting several things including proper SAMBA client operation.  We
are not posting this in a SAMBA group because this seems to be a
networking issue that is affecting other issues.

On the remote side, we can NOT ping using the server name but we CAN
ping using the FQDN.

	ping rs-svr1
(unsuccessful ping)
         	ping rs-svr1.ruclaservices.local
(successful ping)

Our resolv.conf on the server seems ok.  It has the following lines:

	domain ruclaservices.local
	search ruclaservices.local

When we run nslookup on a Windows PC on the remote side, we get the
following results:

	> nslookup rs-svr1.ruclaservices.local

		Server:  rs-svr1.ruclaservices.local

		Name:    rs-svr1.ruclaservices.local

	> nslookup rs-svr1

		Server:  rs-svr1.ruclaservices.local

		*** rs-svr1.ruclaservices.local can't find rs-svr1:
Non-existent domain

Can anyone tell us why this is the case and how we can not correct it?

Georges Carraha
mailto:CarrahaG arubadigital com
Aruba Digital Systems N.V.
Avenida Milio J. Croes 31
Oranjestad, Aruba
Dutch Caribbean
Tel:  (297) 583-9501     Fax: (297) 583-9504

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