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RE: Clock skew problem - RHEL 4 AS

I did set the time in BIOS and on OS also time zone configured
I don't have problem in other servers in which 32 bit RHEL 4 ES
Two  DL380 G4 servers which is Extended 64 bit has RHEL 4 ES 64 bit

Both the servers have same problem.

Syed Johnullah

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If you can shutdown the server for a few moments you are golden. Just
shut down and set the time in the bios. Also make sure on the os side
that you have the time zone set correctly..... 

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Subject: Clock skew problem - RHEL 4 AS

I have installed Redhat Enterprise 4 AS  64 bit OS in HP Proliant DL 380
G4 server, 


System clock doesn't syncronize with NTP server, even I tried to
configure the date and time manually but 


no use. I figured out that system clock frequency is too high to be
syncronized with NTP.


What I shall I do to solve this issue?




Syed Johnullah



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