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RE: DNS Issues after setting up a WAN?


The  remote side has no DHCP server.   It only consists of some Windows
XP PCs connected to the router and they are accessing the Linux Server
at the main location.

Also putting the ruclaservices.local as the DNS suffix does not make a

What I would like to point out is the fact that the Windows XP machines
at the main location are not having the same problems as the ones at the
remote location.

Georges Carraha
mailto:CarrahaG arubadigital com
Aruba Digital Systems N.V.
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Oranjestad, Aruba
Dutch Caribbean
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On 12/20/06, Georges I. Carraha <CarrahaG arubadigital com> wrote:
> However, from the remote side we seem to be getting DNS issues which 
> is affecting several things including proper SAMBA client operation.  
> We are not posting this in a SAMBA group because this seems to be a 
> networking issue that is affecting other issues.
> On the remote side, we can NOT ping using the server name but we CAN 
> ping using the FQDN.

On your Windows PC on the "remote side", run "ipconfig /all".

Check to see if ruclaservices.local is listed under "DNS suffix search
list".  If not, do the following:
- Start
- Settings
- Network Connections
- (select the applicable network connection), right-click, Properties
- On General tab, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), Properties,
- Add "ruclaservices.local" under "Append these DNS suffixes".

Alternatively, configure your DHCP server on the "remote side" to
include that domain in the list that's passed to DHCP clients.


Jeremy L. Gaddis, MCP, GCWN

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